Saturday, August 21, 2010

110 Percent

It hasn't been easy lately. And it's not because we've become different people over the last three months. It may have been the adjustments, the different routines. Still, we try every day. We make it work. Because that's what being in a relationship means. While others are making a huge deal out of giving and taking. Here we are, just trying. And I think that as long as we don't stop making an effort, we'll be okay. We'll get past these little problems. We'd love each other more. That much I believe in.

So I say: To you, who owns this blog...You, who's always there for me when I'm at my most selfish. You, who takes on my cares and gives me and my family all the love that is in your heart. You, who sacrifices daily to make me happy. You, who takes me to the whole gamut of my emotions. You, who never gives a care about what others think. You, who knows me better than I know myself. You, who stops at nothing to make me smile. You, who will hold my hand when we're both old and gray. You, the keeper of my heart...

Promise me that you won't stop trying.

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